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About us

The idea of building a cart track was born out of the two associates’ old passion for engines and speed.

Since he was a teenager, the Romanian partner had a hobby for aircrafts, and when he was only 19 years old, he got his flying certificate. Car races were also one of his hobbies, so at 26 years he started as a co-pilot at the National Rally - N category.

The German partner has a wide experience in making old cars new as well as in mending cars.

In 2002, the two partners decided to change their engine hobby into a real business. Thus, during the fall of the next year, the first equipment was brought into the Masterkart perimeter, and two years later, in august 2005, the racetrack and the other facilities were finished.

The high quality of the racetrack makes the Mastekart circuit the perfect choice for leisure activities, but at the same time, it is very appropriate for carting practice and professional competitions as well. Moreover, the wide experience of the two partners in the motorcar field is already a guarantee for the services and quality of the carts used by Masterkart.

However, Masterkart offers more than that: anyone can enjoy fresh coffee or a soft drink at the terrace. The lovely location as well as the services provided by the employees turns the terrace into a most relaxing place to be.