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Masterkart regulations

  1. In order to take part to carting races (for leisure activity or in competitions) the cart user or the tutor of the under-aged person must present an ID card, and must fill in and sign The Participation Statement.
  2. It is mandatory for all participants to wear protection caps. In addition, for hygiene reasons, participants must wear a hood underneath the safety cap. The participants must return the safety cap, the hood and all other equipment belonging to Masterkart as soon as the race is over.
  3. Participants must wear tight clothes and sports shoes. It is forbidden to wear accessories such as ties, mufflers, scarves, etc., or high heel shoes.
  4. Only the participants that make proof of the participation fee receipt are allowed access to the race starting points. The tickets are valid only during the issue day.
  5. All carts will follow only the way indicated by the organizers.
  6. It is forbidden to:

    • Deliberately knock against or bump into other competitors' carts
    • Deliberately get off or park on the race track, or shorten the turns
    • Drive the carts violently, thus endangering other participants.
  7. If one of the situations described at the point above occurs, the participant who made himself guilty of such acts will be eliminated from the race, without being reimbursed the participation fee.
  8. In case any participant deliberately damages the cart - as described at point 6 - the culprit will be fully responsible for paying all the expenses related to fixing and /or changing the damaged components of the cart (according to the list of fees listed at the pay office).
  9. In case of rain, the race will be stopped, and as soon as the weather permits, it will continue; the participants that are on the racing track when the race is interrupted must slow down their carts and head to the starting point.
  10. In case you are off track – because the cart stopped, damages occurred, or if it is mandatory to stop the cart, you must not leave the racing track, but ask for the Masterkart staff help, simply by raising your hand.
  11. During the race, it is mandatory to observe all Masterkart staff directives and signaling.

    • The significance of the the colors of the semaphore is:

      • Green: start of the race
      • Yellow: the last race lap
      • Red: end of race
    • The significance of signalization flags is:

      • Yellow: incident on the race track; all participants must slow down, overtaking is forbidden
      • Red: all participants must stop the carts immediately.
  12. After the race is over, the participants must bring the carts to the starting point, in low speed.
  13. In order to prevent accidents (burns) while the cart engine is running, please avoid touching the engine or any other dangerous cart components - as indicated by Masterkart personnel.
  14. Smoking and drinking alcohol is forbidden within the Masterkart premises.
  15. Masterkart has the right to decide not to issue tickets for carting races to participants that prove to be under the influence of alcohol.
  16. Masterkart is not responsible for objects that are lost or forgotten within its premises.